Restful API Applications

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Development of web applications using Back-end (+ Administration) -> Front-end model.

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Back-end programming is something that the user does not see or understand about it. This type of programming is used to create functionalities and deliver data to an independent front-end application. The front-end application can be written by completely different programmers, in different languages ​​according to the needs and the platform for which it is created - Web site, mobile application, game consoles and more.

Back-end programmers play a key role in the operation of your application. They take care of receiving, checking and delivering various data submitted or requested by the front-end.

Back-end is a combination of databases and software written in server languages ​​that run on stand-alone machines such as cloud systems or private servers leased from Amazon AWS or other hosting companies.

After communicating with the client and understanding the requirements, we will create for you the most optimized and secure back-end API code with accompanying OpenApi documentation with which your Front-End programmers can work.

Our responsibility is:
- Create and manage the database
- Back-end frameworks for creating the application
- Management of technological requirements for the server
- API documentation - OpenApi / Swagger
- Security and protection of input-output data
- Manage GIT repositories for your code.

If necessary, we can also create Development / Production servers with / without Docker application + Lambda functions and PipeLines with Amazon AWS
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